Felt is one of the oldest textile products manufactured by people, probably older than weaving.Traces felt dated to 6500 years BC found in what is now Turkey. Advanced technical felt products were also found in the permafrost in Siberia with approx. 600 AD

We offer natural felt 100% wool:

  • Polishing felt (needle felt)
  • Gasket felt

These materials are available in rolls and sheets:

  • thickness 2 - 50 mm
  • rolls width 1800mm
  • sheets 1000x1000mm
  • density between 0,36 – 0,56 g/cm^3

Felt is used for cutting: seals, gaskets, vibration absorbing elements, acoustic insulation, soft drapes shafts.


  • high-quality wool and felt consumes approx. 40% water and approx. 99% moisture
  • it has remarkable properties of hydrophobic and hydrophilic
  • ecological renewable material, capable of complete decomposition
  • exhibits extremely high elasticity and excellent flexibility
  • it has a high resistance to fire (does not melt)
  • critical flashpoint is approx. + 600 ° C
  • the material is produced mostly without additional coloring in shades of natural white and gray as well as colored felt in different colors by or the supplied template design

Our company provides services using CNC Plotter so we are able to cut any shapes from our materials. Any requests will be estimated individually.


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