Electrotechnical textolite

It is an laminate which is made by pressing of cotton cloths that are impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde. Textolite has high compression strength and better resilience then other materials because it is made from cotton cloth. It can be processed by forging, cutting and using drill. It is highly resistant to mechanical stress including friction. So it can be use as bushings or cams. Textoilte working temperature range is from -65°C to +105°С


  • bearings
  • bushings
  • gearwheels
  • rolling elements
  • roller conveyor or idler
  • cams
  • snails
  • distances
  • electrotechnics


  • high mechanical strength
  • high fatigue strength
  • good sliding properties
  • high hardness and stiffness
  • resistance to abrasion on high level
  • good electrical insulating properties
  • high-energy radiation resistance
  • wide possibilities of  machining

Our company provides services using CNC Plotter so we are able to cut any shapes from our materials. Any requests will be estimated individually

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